Jennifer and Vince have officially split

Vince Vaughn has finally dumped Jennifer Aniston. At least that’s how I picture it. There hasn’t been anyone caring too much about the couple, but when Vince Vaughn, who’s been filming Fred Claus, decided to stay in Budapest rather than in LA with Aniston, the rumors started again. Vince in fact has been partying at Moulin Rouge, an exotic dance club with “explicit” shows.

Vaughn, who once starred in the flick “Swingers,” also partied at the techno hot spot Dokk, where he stayed until 4 a.m., flirting with several women in a private area at the back of the club, an onlooker said.

“He wasn’t there to dance,” a source told the mag. “It’s a meat market.”

Even the next day, Vaughn couldn’t get enough of the ladies. After chatting with a mystery blonde for 20 minutes at his hotel that morning – and receiving a kiss from her on the cheek – the actor got a $40 Swedish massage at the city’s Széchenyi baths.

I started to think of what to say about these two, but then I realized I was wasting valuable resources on Jennifer Aniston. So I’m going to give her what she really deserves. Imagine this in a nasally voice like Nelson from The Simpsons. Ha ha. Vince would rather spend Thanksgiving with strippers who could grip a bowling ball with their vagina than you.

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