Jessica Alba is wrong

It seems as if Jessica Alba has been spouting out nonsense lately. According to In Touch Magazine, Jessica had this to say about her body.

“I have curves, but I don’t really like them. I wish I was skinnier and taller.”

Jessica’s pretty hot just the way she is, but now she wants to be like an Amazonian Nicole Richie. It’s like she’s reading my mind. I’ve always wondered what a 6ft small breasted Jessica Alba with ribs poking out of her would look like. I imagine it would be pretty sexy, but for some reason Skeletor keeps popping into my head. Stupid Skeletor.

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13 years ago

She is insane =0 I don’t understand the chic is hot! In my own personal opinion why she wants to be taller and her curves are just right. I’m a chic i m picky as hell on myself but if I look anything like that ill be way happy