Keith Urban is a cheater

Amanda Wyatt

23-year-old model Amanda Wyatt claims to have had an affair with Keith Urban while he was engaged to Nicole Kidman. During her relationship with Urban, she watched him do cocaine, drop ecstasy, smoke weed and drink Crown Royal Reserve whiskey constantly. They never used protection during sex and only broke it off before the wedding.

“He wasn’t married so I still held out hope that they were just having some kind of publicity relationship.”

“You have to understand, Keith was a star and I was a nobody, but even by his standards Nicole was a superstar.”

“He told me that he liked that I didn’t pressurise(uh what?) him to get married or have babies.”

The word “model” is used pretty loosely here. If Amanda Wyatt is a model, then I’m Brad Pitt in Fight Club, but hotter because really, I’m so sexy already that if I look in the mirror I orgasm. Twice! And I doubt Keith Urban ever looked at super gorgeous Amanda’s face. It’s more horrifying than a train full of pandas crashing into a bus full of children.

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if you know her, its not unexpected of her. she has always cheated, lied, and stayed in trouble. not to mention that just because you pay a company to take your pictures, doesnt mean that you are a model. her eyes are too close together, her nose is huge, her face is wide, the hair looks dry and brittle and fake… the only thing that she has going for her is her flat stomache…. i suppose that she could be a model. (just dont look above the waist.) i guess all the drugs helped her stay small… it just didnt… Read more »

I think it’s a real shame that poor keith has to put up with all this shit ! The man will never get well if he has to deal with this crap l! I for one love keith and his music and pray that he recovers as for this chick amanda according to the new york post you claim you came forward because you are his friend well baby let me tell ya something friends don’t rat out friends like this if I were keith you would no long be on my list of friends !


she looks like kellie pickler from american idol


I ‘m not buying this….Simply can’t get my head around any of it..”Friend” yeah right…..gimme a dozen like that and throw me a noose…
Model? interesting…I simply won’t lower myself to make comments there…
Keith Urban is an extremely talented musician with an uncanny ability to connect with his audience…his lyrics echo someone, somewhere, yada yada in most of our lives….
I doubt he is losing any sleep over this deal…

I completely agree with Nashville on this one. I grew up with her and this was not a big Shocker. The only thing shocking was that she was a self-proclaimed “model”. Thats Hilarious. Last time I seen her was at a truck stop strip club where she seemed all too familiar with the place. I’m sure she was really concerned with Nicole’s feelings when she found out how much they would pay for a story like this. Yeah ….she did provide alot of details from his personal life but last time I talked to her, she was a groupie for… Read more »
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