Mary-Kate Olsen is enticing

Mary-Kate Olsen

Page Six reports Mary-Kate, without boyfriend Max Snow, and Ashley Olsen partied for the holidays at Chateau Marmont. The evening had them drinking and chain smoking with some groupies. Later Mary-Kate in the evening was spotted giggling with some male model and said goodbye by “doing a strut with her sister and friends in front of his friends.”

It’s hard to believe that the model turned red when you realize the ghastly white figure below was doing the sexy strut. If this was me, my first reaction would have been fear. Fear that the hooker I killed had finally come back to haunt me.

Mary-Kate OlsenMary-Kate OlsenMary-Kate OlsenMary-Kate OlsenMary-Kate Olsen

  • Blonde hair = bad on MK!!!

  • boredcelebrity

    boring and bored, miserable celebrity and her rich junky ex boyfriend fuck them both

  • h

    she looks bad wit blond hair but in that pic she looks kinda pretty.

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