Miss Nevada was stripped of her title

The Miss Universe Organization released the following statement,

“Katie Rees has been relieved of her duties as Miss Nevada USA 2007. First Runner-up Helen Salas will assume the title and compete at the 2007 MISS USA Pageant on March 23 in Los Angeles.”

Rees’ attorney released this statement,

“Katie wants the public to know she was 17 and had a lapse in judgment. This was an isolated incident that occurred more than five years ago when she was a minor.”

Jesus, 17? When I was 17 I was worried about being caught masturbating in the girl’s locker room puppies and kitties. Not surprisingly, Miss Nevada is one step away from being the poor man’s Paris Hilton. God bless you George Eastmann, inventor of the camera. Without you I would have had to use my imagination and years of tv have already rotted that away.

Update: Katie Rees corrected the statement and said she was 19 at the time. Splash has the uncensored photos here.

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