Miss USA might be stripped of her title

The Miss USA pageant is expected to make a big announcement today. TMZ thinks they will be stripping the current Miss USA Tara Conner of her title due to inappropriate behavior (slut). The 20-year-old Tara Conner from Russell Springs, Kentucky was crowned Miss USA in April 2006.

Sources tell TMZ that executives from the Miss USA organization and NBC (which broadcasts the pageant) met Tuesday to discuss Conner and alleged incidents of her inappropriate behavior, including her conduct at New York City bars. While no one from the pageant would comment on the rumored troubles, several sources tell TMZ that a big announcement is expected some time Thursday. According to these sources, officials are extremely unhappy with the current Miss USA’s conduct in public.

I echo everyone’s sentiments when I say: Details please! God never in my life have I wanted to know more details. Were guys doing body shots off her? Was she dancing topless on the tables? Was she blowing guys left and right on the barstools? Just give me a hint. My imagination is like one of those cartoon radios on the fritz right now. Sparks are flying everywhere. Southern girls are awesome.

Update: Donald Trump who is head of the Miss USA pageant said reports of Tara Conner being dethroned are untrue. She is just going through some “personal problems” that could affect her ability to reign.

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