Paris Hilton claims her next victim

The beast is moving faster than expected. Her hunger is growing and it cannot be satiated. Paris Hilton has just sunk her claws into her next victim: Elisha Cuthbert. These two were in House of Wax together, but since then they haven’t really been seen hanging out with each other. Luckily this is one vag that I wouldn’t mind seeing. It would be like the gates of Heaven opening to reveal topless angels dressed as Santa’s elves. Now work your magic Paris. Do some good for once in your life.

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Paris Hilton
16 years ago

Paris Hilton Defends BFF Britney Spears Via MySpace: Paris Hilton at DCS

16 years ago

I def dont get the hype about Paris – she is a rich bitch who is totallly talentless and her head is so far up her own ass she has convinced the workd she should have attention made about her! nooooooooooo however, i DO love her top/dress, gorgeous – where is it from someone and if it is in the USA only – pls get me one and post it to me.

16 years ago

It was already claimed that wasn’t from Paris.

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