Pauly Shore got punched out

Stop, stop, I’m sorry. Bam. And down goes Pauly Shore. The Bio-Dome star was doing stand-up at the 8th Street Comedy Club in Odessa, Texas when some guy decided to go on stage after Pauly was yelling at some heckler. He punched Pauly Shore while the crowd cheered on and was taken away by security afterwards.

Pauly Shore. Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. I thought he died with his comedy, but here he is getting knocked on his ass. What’s the moral of the story? When a big Texas man in a cowboy hat stalks you on stage, you have two choices. Kick him repeatedly in the groin or scream and run like a little girl. Personally, I like the groin choice because I’ve been told screaming in a high-pitched voice isn’t very sexy. Seriously, you get scared of one big spider and you never live it down.

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