Quincy Jones is funny

Quincy Jones has spoken out about his goddaughter Nicole Richie and blamed recent events on the pressure of her fame.

“You get caught up in the peer pressure and the hoopla — it’s a media frenzy. It’s insane. Success doesn’t help,” Jones, 73, told PEOPLE Thursday at a benefit performance of the Debbie Allen Dance Academy’s new musical, The Bayou Legend, in Los Angeles. “Processing success is a major, major, major process.”

Success? Nicole Richie? Success is winning a Pulitzer or discovering a cure for cancer. Success is not co-starring in The Simple Life and losing enough weight to classify you as legally dead. Oh success! I’m a retarded waif famous for being useless. All I do is shop and do drugs, but that’s ok because I still earn more than teachers and firemen. Tee hee.

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17 years ago

Yawn. Wake up up when all the gossip isn’t about Nicole.

17 years ago

HAHAA! hilarious! I haven’t been on your site before but i love your humour – thank you for making me laugh!

17 years ago

hold on…i was thinking, is it REALLY true Nicole has done nothing except that terrible show where all one of them said was “thats hot”???!! I am in the UK, seriously, how the f*** is she so “famous”? Is it really coz she is a walking, talking skeleton? Seriously? You would have thought Lionel would have brought her up appreciating hard work and dedication get you fame?? wow lazy bitttttch getting famous and rich and not even spending the momey on food – come on guys – surely does something? sing??? act?????