Screech’s sex tape is chilling

I seriously thought this was old news by now which is why I refrained from posting about it. BWE was sent a link by a reader to the full version of the Screech sex tape which can be found here. It’s in pretty small resolution, looks kind of squished and it hangs on “loading” for me. So I thought I would be proactive in grossing everyone out and link to the much better quality version that can be seen here. Beware, it’s porn and NSFW and it’s Screech’s penis. The chicks are so-so and I skipped through bits and pieces before I started hyperventilating. I congratulate those of you who are able to sit through the whole thing. You are much weirder than I.

Here’s something extra to put you in a conflicted mood. Elizabeth Hurley in a bikini. While I can’t say much for the face, her body is solid.

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