Sean John coats made from dog

The $237.99 Sean John Hooded Snorkel Jacket (pictured above) on the Macy’s website is described as having an imitation rabbit fur collar. However, when The Humane Society bought one, the label read “Made in China” and “genuine raccoon fur.” They suspect that the fur is actually from a raccoon dog, a type of canine raised in China who’s fur resembles that of a raccoon.

In an e-mail statement sent to Reuters, Macy’s parent Federated Department Stores Inc. said the retailer has a policy against selling dog or cat fur, and any “inappropriate or inaccurately” labeled products would be removed from its stores and Web site.

Macy’s and Macy’s @ Amazon have already pulled the item off their websites. In any case, at $239 a pop people better be getting their money’s worth. The fur should be from puppies and they’d sure as hell better be sweating in subzero temperatures when wearing it.

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