The Pauly Shore video was fake

This is pathetic. The Odessa police officer who took the guy away has just admitted it was faked.

After viewing the video, the officer who was employed at the club in an off-duty capacity, was contacted by investigators. The officer reported he had met with Mr. Shore prior to his set, and was asked to participate in the skit. The officer stated that the skit went as designed and that Shore was not injured in the designed skit.

The officer reports that after the show, Pauly Shore conducted his autograph session and had his photograph taken with the alleged “assaulter.”

Only Pauly is dumb enough to do a lame skit like this. Now that he got another 5 minutes of fame, what is he going to do with it? Probably nothing because no one cares about him. Next time when he’s boot stomped by a gang, people will walk by and think it’s another one of his cries for attention. This time though, the pleas for mercy will be real and the laughter will be even louder.

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