Video of Jessica sucking

Jessica said she messed up because she was so nervous and wanted the song to be perfect. Well, she really f’d that up. It also says she idolized Dolly Parton yet she was using cue cards during the song. That would make her both learning challenged and illiterate. Things aren’t looking good for this girl. On the flipside, it’s looking very good for me because winning Jessica over would be like getting a dog to like you when you have giant steak in your pocket. I mean if I can’t trick a retarded girl into sleeping with me then there’s really no point in living is there?

Bonus: Shania Twain and Carrie Underwood at the Kennedy Center Honors.

My site was slow, then down, then slow for a while today. I don’t know why my hosts keep on having these problems. This time some cluster was down. I don’t know. Anyway, sorry for the downtime and slowness.

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16 years ago

OK, can we all agree now that the Simpsons are talentless?