Vince cheated on Jennifer

Who wouldn’t? Star magazine reports Vince hooked up with Laura Mallory Lane (the scary looking blond in the picture), a 20 year old sorority girl from Texas. I guess it’s more implied than reports. Over Thanksgiving, Vince was drinking with three girls from Trinity University in San Antonio and they ended up at his hotel. Vince asked Mallory to stay for another drink which she did. In an email to her sorority sisters titled “I shacked with Vince Vaughn” she pretty much says she sucked Vince:

We talked some more (and yes, we talked about Jen), and one thing led to another and obviously we were messing around before too long. We didn’t have sex, but it was just as good :)…

So it’s true what they say about sorority girls. That they’re respectable young ladies with a good head on their shoulders. Zing! Hey, where’s my applause?

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16 years ago

Her teeth are fucked up.

16 years ago

In highschool we called her horseface.