Brad Pitt owes success to strippers

One of Brad Pitt’s first jobs before making it big was as a personal driver for strippers. He’d drive them to bachelor parties, play the music and catch their clothes. He describes it as pretty depressing. But also attributes his success to it. Brad explains,

This girl — I’d never met her before — was in an acting class taught by a man named Roy London. I went and checked it out, and it really set me on the path to where I am now. Strippers changed my life.

Strippers. What can’t they do? Some would argue these gung-ho muses deserve a publicly recognized hall of fame. This story makes a convincing case and serves as another notch in their bed post of accomplishments. Now my mom will have to believe me when I say going to strip clubs each night is just me making opportunities for myself. She’s such a hater sometimes.

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