Daniel Radcliffe loves horses

Daniel Radcliffe

A while back it was reported that Daniel Radcliffe would be going nude and blinding horses with a metal spike in Equus. The first shots of Daniel Ra…,oh sorry that’s his birth name, Harry Potter naked with one lucky horse have surfaced. Click the banner for a slightly larger pic. In an article, it says the director, Thea Sharrock, was surprisingly impressed with his physique.

Pugh told the Evening Standard: “We had never seen him with clothes off before. We all went, ‘wow’. Thea went, ‘Oh my God.’

Quite an impressive physique indeed. All the 15-year-old boys would be envious. The guy seriously needs a trim. It wouldn’t be shocking if a silver back gorilla jumped out of that happy trail. More pictures here including one with him and his girlfriend.

Update: Even more pictures of Daniel Radcliffe naked. With a horse. And a woman.

Daniel RadcliffeDaniel RadcliffeDaniel RadcliffeDaniel RadcliffeDaniel RadcliffeDaniel Radcliffe

  • LaLa

    he needs to tame that hair flame

  • MJC

    no trim needed as far as I’m concerned. Very hot…..

  • LaLa


  • NCJ

    Agreed – promo “trail” adds to the suspense. Gonna have to hop the pond and travel to London for the rest of the show!

  • katei

    he is so fuckin’ hot!

  • OMG..!! iS tHAt dAnieL..??!!! hOw sUrpRisinG..!! hE’s sO hOT.. aNG hUs dAt girL..???

  • sam

    he’s very hot but I think I might get a little freaked out if the photos showed more…(he does need a trim)

  • Alex Fors

    I liked him but with clothes ON.

  • Scot

    Who cares about needing a trim job, hot is hot as hot goes and this guys hot all around. I’d love to get a peak at whats under those levis!

  • ty

    damn, he is hot, i wanna see the play when it is open!! i will love to see if he is hung or not!

  • mumzy

    It’s weird to see him looking this good, I’m picturing Little geeky Harry Potter from the first movie and now to see him like this is pretty impressive…. He’s looking Hot…. definitely Lovin’ the new “Hairy” Potter…. and the hair is a good thing… makes him look more masculine!~*

  • Sinya

    Fuck! It’s awful! Now I’m going to puke! Doesn’t he ever hear a word ‘sun’??

  • Hillary

    What the hell is wrong with you all?
    This kid has a very nice physique! Because he’s not ruining his beautiful pale skin with the sun or a steriod abusing neanderthal doesn’t make him less sexy!
    He’s hot as hell & makes WAY more than any of us!!

  • I guess he’s a grower, not a shower.

  • Madison Volk

    Dan is fucking gay. I need to be exussed so I can fucking hurl. he has to were some fuking under pants. He is a fucking bitch.Yes I do hate him

  • Madison Volk

    Hilary shut the fuck up

  • Madison Volk

    mumzy your a fucking asshole he is as far from “hot”as pluto My male taecher is hotter than him

  • Madison Volk

    All I will say is Dan is going to skrew up his life,lose so many fans including me. He is ffffaaaarrrrr to young to do this. He is 16 and is about to have sex in front o f so many people. He is being stupid

  • alexulous

    Shit! He get’s really hot!
    i hate harry potter books and the films – ridiculous!
    but… now…
    i have to think over, because, now, the actors getting hotter and hotter^^

  • alexulous

    and at madison volk
    get a look in the mirror…

  • Lindsay

    I would do so many bad things to Harry Potter….they are unspeakable

  • Lekkertje

    Hij is geil!!!! Sorry, I’m dutch I said: he is horney!!
    Just love it.. Daniel if you ever come to Holland..
    Call me! I’ve got a horse if you like!

  • omgggg

    hairy nipples

  • Divya

    Madison Volk, will you shut the fuck up?! If you don’t like him, that’s you opinion, no one else gives a shit.
    He’s 17, which is legal age in England.
    He’s not ACTUALLY having sex. It’s called acting, which you probably don’t know anything about.
    This is probably the smartest thing he could have done for his career. He’s probably been afraid of being typecast as Harry Potter. This being a very serious and mature role, it proves that he can do other things besides casting spells and flying a broom.
    Way to go, Dan!

  • Tallah

    WOW!!! daniel u have the nicest body…and please make a trip to north carolina u have many fans down here *wink wink*

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