Dita Von Teese will pull a Britney

Dita Von Teese

Sources say Dita Von Teese will soon be surprise serving Marilyn Manson with divorce papers after a year of marriage. She cites the usual irreconcilable differences and claims she filed this before Christmas.

Friends say Manson had been boozing heavily last year, much to Von Teese’s dismay, but she’d desperately tried to hold on. “She really tried to make this work,” the friend said.

Who gets married to a walking joke anyway. The guy tries to be shocking when all he is is a depressed drunk. He’s like one of those cheap disguises at a novelty shop. It’s fun for the first minute, but then you just throw it away in disgust asking yourself why you thought it was cool. Dita, on the other hand, is a fame whore who I’ve never paid attention to. A “burlesque” dancer which means she gets off on teasing men. Yea she’s been naked with a clothed Scarlett Johansson before, but who cares. She could have sparklers for nipples or an ass that breathes fire and I would just roll my eyes and twirl my finger in the air.

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woa. i dont know where u get your information from but i can assure you dita and marilyn are very happy together. its people like you who spread stupid rumours that piss people off. you call manson a joke? well have u sold millions of albums world wide? are you extremely successful in your profession as he is? no i dont think so. so who looks more like a walking joke now? you or him?

get your facts and sources straight before u say things. it will only make u look incredibly stupid when you are wrong


Hey asshole, when you posted that rant about this site, did you not look the 2 inches to the right and see the freaking disclaimer that states that this site publishes RUMORS in addition to FACTS? Who looks like the fucking idiot NOW????? (Hint: It’s not the Blemish…it’s YOU!!)


dita-when you look in the mirror,what and who do you see?do you see a cold hearted witch that really hurt a warm hearted mans?do you see an evilon who made a mockery of marriage to a perfect gentleman?do you see you deceitful eyes and the sincere eyes of the man you treated so unjustly?do you see a fake beauty and a true handsome man?do you see your true self and the true man you got rid of so disgustingly?you have no soul!!!manson has a soul!!!


You all are pathetic, this is a ridiculous thing to get wussy over. LOOk, people divorce everyday, and this shit about Teese not having a soul cause she DIVORCED a guy just makes me laugh. No one cares what you think, you don’t know manson, or teese, you’re just making yourself look like a wackjob who has an obsession over a person who sings.


ok before you start downrating dita
you need to remove the giant stick from your ass
marilyn manson is not a fucking joke
he just knows who he is
and what he wants to do
so what he needs to lay off on the booze
and he lost a VERY beautiful talented woman
whom he was perfect with
but the whole time I read your comments
YOU were the only one talking shit

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