Fergie and Josh may be engaged

Josh Duhamel is said to have proposed to Fergie just before Christmas. The leprechaun accepted and after showing off the four carat diamond engagement ring at a party, she has been hiding it in a handbag when she goes out in public. Sources say she wants a big formal Eastern European wedding next summer.

They don’t want to announce the engagement until they set a wedding date, but Fergie can’t wait to marry Josh.

Yea, I bet. She’s a pretty smart girl, I’ll give her that. Sometimes you get these ugly girls who think they can hold out for someone better, but not Fergie. She knows in about ten years her face will become such a mess not even plastic surgery can fix it. This is why every year on her Christmas wish list she asks for a face transplant. Preferably one that is better looking than hers. Like that of a possum.

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