Jay-Z is a woman beater?

A woman claiming to be Beyonce’s assistant sent an email in which she claims Jay-Z is abusing Beyonce. I love mad libs so I decided to fill out all the parts that have been bracketed (ex. [EXPLETIVE]).

I wanted to bring this to because I know how you all like to put stuff out no matter what it is. So I felt that I should expose Jay for the ugly [pancake] he is.

Seems that for a while he’s had a problem with keeping his hands to himself. Now I’ve never seen him just flat out strike Bee, but too many times have I seem him shove and push her.

At first I thought that it was just a little horse play thing between the two – but once I saw how embarrassed Bee was to be man-handled in the front of me in St. Tropez – I realized that it was no joke.

I’ve been [a whore] and friend for a while now and I’ve always wanted to say something but I never felt it was my place. He treats Beyonce like she’s an object and not a person. The [Asian tentacle porn lover] should be happy that a beautiful woman finally wants and loves his ugly [hairy warty freckly ass] for more than just what’s in his pockets.

They even provided this lovely clip of Jay-Z manhandling another woman. It’s way over hyped. It was merely a love tap by a strong yet gentle hand. At least that’s what the police think. Tee hee.

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17 years ago

Mediatakeout! Are you kidding me?! lol They make up so much BS on that site. Beyonce’s assistant is her cousin, what would she be talking to that shitty site for? Here’s the deal with the video: You’d think once a rumor was cleared up last year, you wouldn’t have to address it again. For whatever reason, all of the people who didn’t receive the misleading video clip of rapper-turned-record executive Jay-Z striking a female backstage at a show a year and half ago when the e-mail first circulated, are getting it now. Inside the Buzz The Truth About the Jay-Z… Read more »

veronic knight
veronic knight
16 years ago

beyance is my favourite popstar. I love all of her song and she is very beautiful. I’m pround of her getting married to jay z. you go girl.