Jessica Alba could be engaged

Jessica Alba is dating Cash Warren, the first assistant director on the next Fantastic Four movie. Rumors are out that Jessica Alba is engaged to Cash after being spotted in Miami with a ring on her finger.

One time I dreamt about being crushed under the weight of Rosie O’Donnell’s naked body. Jessica Alba being engaged is worse than that dream. I see only two options. A) Charm Jessica Alba into being with me by way of wit and laughter or B) Cut off Cash Warren’s face and wear it as a mask. I kind of like B, but all I have is this butter knife.

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16 years ago

sorry, i cannot see, for the LIFE of me why this girl is all over the place? she looks confused, angry or stuck up not to mention the fact that there are like, 1000000000 girls who look MUCH better than her below average looks. face it. she 5ucked and fukked her way into fame, and now she just looks like a curve-less, 12 year old boy from the top, and star jones from the back, PRE surgery!!!! i guess if YOU like girls who look like there 4, then go for it, but….micheal jackson called, he wants his patent-pending pedophilia… Read more »

dr.bean hater
dr.bean hater
16 years ago

dr.bean, go f**k yourself! jessica alba is probably the sexiest celeb out there, and loads of peope will agree!

14 years ago

you still cite what ever you’re…jesica alba…hope see you soon