K-Fed earns his paycheck

Some people call this rap. I call it the only phrase Kevin Federline could memorize for his ad spot during the Super Bowl. Who knows, he may blow up and one day he can achieve his dream of performing with BOTH the Aflac Duck and the Geiko Gecko. Kevin knows it’ll take lots hard work and dedication, but it’s possible. Today auto insurance, tomorrow the world!

  • yfoygi

    Who is this cum guzzler again? I could have taught my dying fish to repeat those 5 words over and over faster then that dude learned them…

  • BMac

    Leave the Duck out this! unlike Kfed the Duck and the Gecko for that matter still have a good name.

  • LaLa

    at least he’s working…unlike the beast ex-wife of his…I hope he gets the kids

  • yfoygi

    Very true. I had rooted for Ms. Dumbshit at first, but now it seems the children, if you will, would be much better off living with that guy…

  • Tara

    All I can say is “my ears they are bleeding!”
    K-fed stop trying to be somthing your not and start to be somthing you could be and that is a father! Stop using girls to get money or in brit’s case a C.D record. You have hurt and changed Britney and that is not right…
    You suck!!!!!!!!

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