Keeley Hazell will hold you over

That Keeley Hazell porn tape was terrible. No action, no nothing. Yea, so that was last week, maybe two weeks ago, but I thought these pictures would make up for it. Is Keeley this generation’s Pamela Anderson? Possibly, except for one key difference. I can look at her face without wanting to karate chop her adam’s apple. More after the jump.

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Evil Beet
17 years ago

I swear one of these days someone is going to explain to me who the hell this chick is. That’ll be a great day.

17 years ago

Hell yes Keeley is going to be bigger than Pamela Anderson. She’s absolutely gorgeous.

Because of her sex tape that leaked several weeks ago she’s been in the top 5 searches at technorati.

For those interested her complete tape is at (NSFW)

I figure some other video dump sites have it too. Or just do a Google search.