Kevin Federline is gross

Kevin Federline attempted to work his charm on Lindsay Lohan and failed miserably. Us says on December 22 Federline text messaged Lindsay Lohan with “We should hang out.” Lindsay reacted in a way most living girls would and replied back with “Why would I hang out with you?” Kevin didn’t take too kindly to that and summoned all his brain cells to come up with an original insult. That’s when he called her firecrotch.

“She couldn’t believe he was so pathetic. She doesn’t want him using her to make Britney jealous.”

Ouch. Lindsay calling you pathetic is, well, pathetic. Although, why is there still news about K-Fed? It’s great to keep tabs on how sad his life has become, but it feels like a waste of resources. Time could be better spent studying how I got to be so sexy. Then we can create another being, probably female, as sexy as me because let’s face it, being this stunning is tough.

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17 years ago

I heard something on the new this morning that he had his own internet search engine????