Kevin wants $50 million for the chittlin’

Kevin Federline has purportedly turned down $10 million in exchange for giving full custody of the kids to Britney. He is now asking for $50 million which is 1/3 of Britney’s net worth.

“She’s been crying practically nonstop,” says a friend of Brit’s.

I would be crying too. To think that a man like K-Fed could have outplayed me would be enough to make me contemplate suicide. This is the same guy who thinks he can rap and pretends to be all hard because he wears beaters and rocks a big F tattoo on his arm. If you put a SAT test in front of him, he would end up asking for more time and after he finishes, you’d ask him why the paper was full of eraser shavings and had a picture of a flower on it. He would say something about connecting letters being much harder than connecting numbers. I believe his exact words are “Why you gotta be hatin’ on me. You know this ABC s**t be givin’ me migraines.”

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