Kid Rock is an idiot

Kid Rock is pissed over the fact Tommy Lee is banging his ex Pamela Anderson so he rallied up two bodyguards at the Hard Rock Hotel and kicked down what he thought was Tommy’s door. Instead he found himself face to face with a startled family. He made it up to them by signing an autograph before running to avoid security.

“Tommy has been calling Kid Rock and taunting him about Pam, and Kid Rock was ready to kick some serious ass,” a source said. Lee’s rep told us, “Tommy is aware that this incident occurred, but wasn’t at the time as he was staying on another floor.”

Kid Rock trying to be intimidating would be like a baby giving you an angry face. Except Kid is no where near cute. He would be more like an angry proboscis monkey. Ugly and laughable. Sure I could have just said those two things outright, but don’t you want to know what a proboscis monkey looks like?

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17 years ago

that monkey reference is hysterical. good1.