Lindsay Lohan feels the sting of rejection

The New York Daily News believes James Franco’s rejection helped send Lindsay over the edge and into rehab. At Prince’s Golden Globes after party, Lohan tried incessantly to get James Franco’s attention, but Franco was smart enough to ignore her.

“She was smoking a lot, not drinking in front of him, and then she went into a bedroom. From there, she went back to trying to get James’ attention again, and he was ignoring her. She ran out crying, with the girlfriend following her.”

This took place at around 3:30 AM. At 6 AM Lindsay was found passed out in a hotel hallway. Lindsay even tried to buy Franco’s love with an expensive watch which he refused. She now wears this as a painful reminder of him. Pathetic. You can’t just buy Franco off. You have to wine and dine him and get him to ride your private jet. Amateur. I bet she even tried the one where the straps of her dress accidentally slipped off showing some boob and she said, “it’s ok, you can touch it.” No one’s gonna touch that sweetie. They don’t know where it’s been. Plus, all that crusty saliva on it makes it a little less enticing.

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16 years ago

Who the hell is James Franco?

16 years ago

love me some james…

16 years ago

james franco looks like james dean! what a hottie

16 years ago

Uh…check the blog site – Hey Franco!
Pics & info. You will NOT forget who James Franco is after seeing him even ONCE!
The guy has got LIPS & a smile that go on FOREVER!! Yumm…