Lindsay was forced into rehab

It was not entirely up to Lindsay Lohan to enter rehab. According to Star Magazine she did have an appendectomy, but

“She left the hospital with several painkillers on her; that was her downfall — she was using the painkillers and continuing to go out and drink. She woke up each morning exhausted and feeling sicker than ever.”

Which led to an intervention by her mother and executives of the movie she’s currently working on.

“The movie executives said they had a major issue with getting her insured for the film and threatened to sue her for between for between $3 million and $5 million for the delays her constant absences were causing on the set,” the source tells Star. “Lindsay’s family and other people she works with sat down with her last night and convinced her she had to go into rehab to save herself professionally and personally. She couldn’t afford to have another letter come out about how she was being unprofessional and missing work on the set.”

She should just stick an IV into her arm and fill the bag with vodka. Why does anyone still hire her? It seems like a waste of money when your star shows up late after doing a line of coke in the bathroom still hung over from last night. Then when the scene starts she says something like “mklrbsgtr” while foam runs out of the corner of her mouth. I would think that’s just slightly unprofessional.

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17 years ago

Doesn’t she look like Angelina in this pic??

17 years ago

I agree. Why does anyone still hire her?!? There are a lot of quality actresses who would LOVE to be handed the parts Lindsay is given. I’m sure they would do anything, i.e. show up on time SOBER, etc., to KEEP getting hired. Also, please don’t insult Angelina like that. Lindsay’s lips look like a large-mouthed bass.