Lohan pisses off Wonderland

TMZ reports residents at Lindsay Lohan’s aptly named rehab facility Wonderland are angry over the fact Lindsay receives special treatment. On Thursday, Lindsay was allowed to leave so she could service her Mercedes. She also stopped by the set of her new movie and the grocery store. Even when she’s in Wonderland, it’s like a luxury spa with all her helpers waiting on her every need. Lindsay’s publicist says,

“Lindsay is 100% not getting special treatment. She’s getting the same as everyone else. This isn’t the Betty Ford Clinic, it’s not a lockdown facility. There is personal time. All these naysayers who keep blogging and speaking out, like the ‘Today’ show, they don’t know what she’s going through, they’re not there. They shouldn’t speak until they’ve gone through something like that.”

Well, they also mention Lindsay was given the key to the front door. Why does Lindsay need a key if this isn’t some sort of lockdown facility? None of this really makes sense. What would make more sense is Rosie O’Donnell riding one of those small tricycles chasing a carrot tied to a stick. Oh, alright. A carrot glazed with honey.

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