Lost knows where it’s going

Creators of Lost want fans to know they know where they’re going. Lately, the show has taken on the form of a rambling Valley Girl. The producers now want to set an end date for the show. They admit that taking a four month break in the middle of the season wasn’t such a great idea and that next season they will probably do what 24 does and run 20 episodes in consecutive order.

Where I remembered the first and second seasons pretty clearly, I can barely remember what happened this year. Partly because this year seems like they’re content on dragging the series out as long as they can. Every episode opens up some new mystery which everyone has to wait another year for to be solved. I haven’t felt this used since that bus load of super models tricked me inside and used me as their personal sex toy. I felt so dirty. Sure I satisfied each and every one of them TWICE, but what about my brains? It’s beautiful too! More promos after the jump.

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