Mischa Barton is full of herself

Mischa Barton is in fact dumber than she looks. She’s made it clear the only reason people watched The O.C. was because of her. When asked if she was surprised by the cancellation of the show she told Fox news,

“No. They killed me off.”

Then when asked if she was the main reason fans tuned in she replied,

“That’s what I think they discovered.”

It could be that, sure, but I think the more logical explanation was that the show was dumb and doomed from the beginning. Plus, you kind of have a problem when the resident badass of the show looks like a nancy. Had they cast me I would have carried that show on my back for at least seven seasons what with my rugged good looks and all.

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17 years ago

She was the reason I watched it actually… I suppose you would support killing off Rory from the Gilmore Girls as well?

17 years ago

True she probably was the main reason why people watched The OC. She could at least be more humble about it..