Pete Doherty went to rehab again

I’m not sure how many times Pete Doherty has gone to rehab, but he checked himself in again. This time with supermodel girlfriend Kate Moss. The old saying “Love is telling your partner he has a problem. True love is rehabbing with him.” has never been more true. I believe it was Confuscious who said it first.

Kate, who has previously been in rehab after being caught snorting cocaine, has told pals she is determined to support the troubled BABYSHAMBLES frontman. Kate is discussing her relationship feelings while Pete has a much harder fight on his hands to sort himself out

There comes a time in your life that you realize some things are pretty much hopeless. For instance, Pete Doherty will never be clean and Kate Moss will never develop common sense. Pete’s so hopless that you could amputate all of his limbs and the next day you would see him hobbling around on his stumps falling on dirty needles hoping that just one of them had some leftover heroin.

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