Rachel McAdams burns my eyes

Rachel McAdams

I always thought Rachel McAdams was kind of cute, but I never realized how pale she was. If she ever found herself lost in the dark, she could reflect moonlight off her body and become a human flashlight. I mean, I guess I would hit it, but I never really could get into corpses no matter how many times I try. Figuratively and literally. Drum roll please.

Rachel McAdamsRachel McAdamsRachel McAdamsRachel McAdamsRachel McAdams
  • BKH

    This is normal. What is not normal is the leathery woman in the background of the first thumbnail.

  • Waltz

    Wow, absolutely beautiful.

  • HCQ

    Well she could be super tan and therefore leathery, prematurely aged and melanoma (skin cancer) ridden. Tan skin only looks healthier while fair skin is actually healthier.

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