Sharon Osbourne is crazy

Kelly Osbourne told Britain’s Grazia magazine that her mother, Sharon Osbourne, used to make her and her brother poop in a box which she would then wrap and send to journalists she was mad at. Judging by the hefty nature of Kelly, she must have unleashed 10 lbs. of s**t as opposed to her usual 15 lbs of s**t comprised of her singing / acting. Wouldn’t the mailman wonder why the package they have smells like ass? Oh, whatever, they’re Osbournes.

Kelly goes on to call Paris, Lindsay and Britney attention seekers (this girl is bright, really). She also tells us she won’t be hanging out with them wearing matching outfits just to get her picture in the papers. Oh yes, Christmas came early for everyone because who wants to see Kelly Osbourne flash her baby maker? Hey sicko, put your damn hand down.

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KING Vernon
16 years ago

Okay, who is the blonde with her? You didn’t mention her.

16 years ago

She wouldn’t wear matching outfits with them because her dress would be 3 times the size:) But really the Osbournes are demented but cool.

16 years ago

Making fun of Kelly Osbourne’s weight, which I think any doctor would call “healthy,” is a problem. I wonder if you realize the impact your spiteful words have on the younger population? Yes, making fun of celebrities is fun, but there is nothing obscene about Kelly’s weight.