Sienna Miller nude in Factory Girl

Sienna Miller

This is a NSFW clip of Sienna Miller in Factory Girl. It is basically Sienna Miller naked for two minutes. For one of those minutes she’s having sex with Hayden Christensen. I was actually trying to hear what they were talking about, but it sounded so lame my brain shut down. Not only that, the poor sound quality only enhanced her annoying voice which sounds worse than nails on a chalkboard (her attempt to sound American). I actually started seeing red and had a strange urge to choke something. Why does my penis always have to suffer? The upside is Sienna is naked and naked girls are good. Society has taught me well.

Update: Video removed by request of The Weinstein Co. The video was basically Sienna talking on the phone to some guy while naked in a bathtub. Then in another scene she has sex with Hayden Christensen.

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As a rule, I turn down the volume on all these clips and just wait for the boobies:)


Geez I’ve been hearing about this movie for about a year. 10 bucks says it’s crap.

I saw the famous sex scene in the screening version. I can’t believe it caused so much controversy. It was boring to watch, and they was no way they could be having sex. First of all, Haydn would never have graceful yoga-like sex with a girl as hot as Sienna. They seemed to be very familiar with each other’s bodies, for two people who are doing it (according to the film) for the first time. Her crotch was too far away from his groin, you could see the wide gap. Unless Hayden’s penis is the length of a donkey’s, there’s… Read more »

Sienna Miller was born in New York…so shes American…but she moved to Britain when she was young…


hahaha shawn, you are my hero as well. She’s gross. Go and get a vanarial disease! :)


yeh… go…yeh… mutha

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