Sophia Bush hits TRL

Sophia Bush was on TRL promoting her new Hollywood horror remake movie The Hitcher. The synopsis:

Collegiate couple Grace Andrews (Sophia Bush) and Jim Halsey (Zachary Knighton) hit the road in a 1970 Oldsmobile 442, en route to spring break , but their pleasure trip soon turns into a waking nightmare after encountering the mysterious hitchhiker John Ryder, a.k.a. The Hitcher (Sean Bean). The initial encounters with Ryder are increasingly off-putting for Grace and Jim, and they bravely fight back when he ambushes them. But they are truly blindsided when he implicates them in a horrific slaying and continues to shadow them. The open road becomes a battleground of blood and metal as, in trying to elude not only Ryder but also New Mexico State Police Lieutenant Esteridge’s (Neal McDonough) officers, Grace and Jim must fight for their lives and face their fears head-on.

Watch this. I’m going to predict that this movie will place third at the box office opening day. I predict most critics will give this movie a bad review. It will languish in the theaters and drop out of the top 10 in 4 weeks. Subsequently, Sophia Bush will be heart broken. I will comfort her in my amazingly masculine arms. We will be together. Two months later, she will betray me. That’s when I realize the bone saw I bought on eBay was not just an impulse buy.

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KING Vernon
17 years ago

You are making major prediction’s. I am going to keep an eye out to see your correct percentage.

KING Vernon
17 years ago

Came it at No. 4 according to You were so close.