The Golden Globes were yesterday

If you didn’t watch the Golden Globes like me, then I don’t think you missed much. I know some people live blogged it, so I thought I would pretend live blog it.

+000 – Oops. I missed the opening. I guess I’m paying for whatever I ate for dinner.

+020 – People are trying to be funny.

+065 – Someone won something!! OMG!

+END – It’s over. Praise Jesus. Here are your winners. The important ones.

  • Best Motion Picture – Babel
  • Best Performance by an Actor – Forest Whitaker?: Finally coming back after they snubbed him in Ghost Dog.
  • Best Musical or Comedy – Dreamgirls: Whatever.
  • Best Director – Martin Scorsese: Good on him.
  • Best TV Series – Grey’s Anatomy: You’re kidding me. Heroes should have won.
  • Best Performance by an Actor in TV – Hugh Laurie (House): Yes! I concur.
  • Best TV Series Musical or Comedy – Ugly Betty: Over The Office? I’ve seen that show. NOT better than The Office.

Lots of pictures after the jump.

Eva Longoria

Hayden Panettiere

Jessica Biel

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Lopez

Naomi Watts

Salma Hayek (I don’t think the 4th picture was very flattering for Ms. Blockhead)

Vanessa Minnillo

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