The Kim Kardashian sex tape does exist?

Kim Kardashian recently denied she had a sex tape. The news now is the tape is real, has been viewed and Kim Kardashian is actively involved in the sale. It’s described as your regular sex tape with a golden shower at the end. Here comes the twist. Brandon Davis is trying to talk Kim out of it.

Amusingly, the voice of reason in the whole situation could be Hilton comedy supporting cast member Brandon Davis. “He called her and berated her for doing the tape,” says the source. “He said it’s not a good idea.”

I would really like to know if she’s peed on or does the peeing. That’s the deal breaker for me. Oh and does she wear heels and at any point does she step on the guy’s balls? Mmm, yes, tell me more.

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17 years ago

That Kardashian has the face of pickled pigs feet! YUCK what a FUGLY ARMO bitch, I can smell the garlic and dried sweat through my computer screen… GROSS

Peace Out ******…

17 years ago

Maybe she does but if its true about the golden shower I’d have to give it at least one viewing:)

16 years ago

if her face is that ugly, thats why it gets pee peed on!

here’s her sex tape…

16 years ago

I think this is the site here for this video!

16 years ago

i just wanna see ass and titias. thats it thats all i ask for. please. put it now !

-elf of many seasons ^_^