Today was a big day for Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning’s controversial Hounddog debuted at Sundance today. The movie is most widely known as the film where Dakota Fanning is raped. The Catholic League called for a federal probe this month to determine whether the film breaks child pornography laws.

In the rape scene, only Fanning’s face, neck, shoulders, hand and foot appear onscreen. Much of the rape is depicted in darkness with flashes of lightning and the sound of Lewellen screaming “stop it, stop it.”

Kampmeier told Reuters that the scene onscreen is exactly how the film was shot on a closed set with a limited crew.

“It’s important for people to remember that when you are crafting a film, you are putting images next to each other. It’s not like we had Dakota acting out the rape, we didn’t,” she said. “Dakota and I were there together.”

Fanning said the scene was blown out of proportion and preparing for it wasn’t different from anything else she’s done. What does this mean for viewers? The god awful Dakota Fanning scream will make its return. Please make it stop! AICN has a more detailed review of it if you’d like to read.

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