Tyrese is a manly man

Police are investigating allegations that Tyrese punched his pregnant girlfriend twice in the stomach this morning. From TMZ,

Police sources tell us that Tyrese’s live-in girlfriend claimed that the two got into a heated argument around 5:30 AM at their Los Angeles home. According to our sources, paramedics responded after Tyrese allegedly struck the woman, who is five months pregnant, twice in the stomach and then drove away from the scene.

There are easier ways of getting an abortion and he really should have thought about them before he tried to do it himself. Has the man ever heard of an industrial vacuum cleaner? I mean at five months the baby is on it’s way so Tyrese most likely just retarded it or at the very least gave it a lopsided head. On the bright side, the birth will be like opening up a Christmas present. You know, like the one from your parents where you unwrapped it and realized the dog they bought you just suffocated because someone never heard of air holes.

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