Victoria Beckham is manipulative

The Daily Mail is reporting the reason that David Beckham moved to LA and signed a five year $250 million contract to play for LA Galaxy was because of Victoria Beckham. David was still keen on playing with a London club, but Posh Spice made a deal that if he took the family to Hollywood so she could bring Brand Beckham to another level, she would try for a fourth child in six months which would hopefully turn out to be the girl David always wanted. In the meantime, she would become a star, do some television work and even a cameo in a movie. And Tom Cruise is going to help her with all this…

A friend of the couple’s told the Mail how David and Victoria had widely differing views on going to America. “David was really against the move to LA while Victoria decided she wanted to go months ago to reinvent the pair of them as stars on the world stage.

“She feels that she in particular isn’t really appreciated over here any more – that the English will always see her a bit of a joke while she wants to be a serious name in fashion.

“Basically she has seen what global fame is like with Tom (Cruise) and Katie (Holmes) and that their fame is on a whole new level. Her thinking is that they have finished with Britain, they have achieved all they are going to here and that America is where the future lies for them.”

Uhhh. Oook. This has to be a joke. It sounds really elaborate and…umm…what’s the word? Oh yea, ridiculous. But it’s too awesome so I’m just gonna go with it. I was reading this and for a split second I thought someone should go tell this poor girl she’s kind of a joke here too and Tom and Katie aren’t that much better off, but this could turn out to be more fun. Plus, it sounds like Victoria Beckham has put so much thought into this elaborate plan all from inside the bubble she lives in. Amazing. I wonder if she drew diagrams and flow charts too because nothing adds more to the credibility of a half-brained scheme than pretty graphs. I can just imagine her sitting in the middle of the room using crayons to draw a flip book of how she’s going to take over America.

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