Amanda Bynes got in a car accident

Amanda Bynes

Amanada Whosawhasa was involved in a multiple car collision in Beverly Hills Wednesday. She managed to stay calm and call for help. She was later seen removing stuff from her 2005 BMW X5 while waiting for a tow truck.

Congratulations to Amanda and to me. Had she died, I would have owed someone big bucks in the celebrity death pool. I wouldn’t have paid the guy anyway because he’s obviously a druken lunatic for picking a 20-year-old B-lister to die.

  • Jeff Zakany

    Yes, what IS important is that she is healthy in mind and body and happy. Dealing with mental health issues is an extremely difficult task and nothing to laugh at.

  • Nate Fanfare

    Fat shaming sack of shit

  • Theodore Huxtible

    She looks good. She looks like a normal, healthy person.

  • DavidH

    I’m surprise that she’s still alive.

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