And you deserve this why?

Page Six today details a wide array of diva like behavior among actors and directors who shouldn’t even be involved in film. First up is Chris Tucker.

Tucker is being paid $25 million to star in Rush Hour 3. His ego has gotten so huge that he’s been demanding script changes and “He won’t come out of his trailer until the script is up to his standards.”

Director Brett Ratner on the other hand can’t get a date so he forces extras to give him their number.

He “sends an assistant named Scott around to every female extra, collecting phone numbers in a too obvious, not-so-suave way,” the source said. “Scott commands these $150-a-day actress-hopefuls to give him their phone numbers simply because ‘the director wants it.’ “

Everyone’s suffering on set after Lindsay Lohan checked herself into rehab.

She’s been “moody and is making everyone miserable around her. She’ll be late and sometimes won’t come out of her trailer.” Lohan is being trailed by a “sober coach” as well as an entourage.

Meanwhile Paris Hilton has been showing up late and not memorizing lines for her new movie The Hottie and the Nottie.

“Everyone is really fed up with her right now.”

The last time I remember seeing Chris Tucker was in Rush Hour 2. A quick search on IMDB reveals that’s also the last time anybody else has seen him. That was six years ago. I suppose there’s not a big demand in Hollywood for the stereotypical funny intense black man. I use the word “funny” very loosely. Like Paris Hilton loose.

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