Anna Nicole miscarried and other stuff

A California judge has ordered Anna Nicole Smith to take a DNA test in order to determine the real father Dannielynn. Meanwhile, Larry Birkhead has stepped up the Anna Nicole bashing revealing she miscarried their first baby after drinking at a party and bouncing on a trampoline. Birkhead reminisces,

“She says, ‘It’s not gonna hurt me, it’s not gonna hurt the baby,’ and then I looked down again, about an hour later and she’s had so much alcohol that she’s jumping up and down on a trampoline. “(She’s) bouncing on her bottom and flying up in the air… Who does that when they’re pregnant? And then a few days later, they said she had a miscarriage and (her attorney) HOWARD (K STERN) called me and said she fell off a ladder.”

Was this when she was fatter than a pregnant rhino? Because the image of her bouncing up and down on her ass flying through the air makes me giggle. Actually, if she was in that stage in her life, I’m more shocked about the physics. I didn’t think a bed made of titanium rods could hold that weight much less a trampoline. Science never ceases to amaze.

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16 years ago

I can not believe she has Died….That is crazy!! So SAD for the poor little baby!~*