Anna Nicole’s death is a riddle shrouded in mystery

Anna Nicole

Much more info has been released regarding Anna Nicole Smith. There were only prescription drugs found in Anna’s room, no illegal ones. The drugs were in the name of Anna’s attorney, Howard K. Stern, and included Valium and antibiotics. Also found were over the counter cold and flu medicines.

Surprsingly, an autopsy did not indicate that she took any of the prescription drugs by the naked eye. That means they just couldn’t see any pills visible in her stomach. It could still have been a mixture of drugs or natural causes. Just like they said about her son.

In a revealing look into Anna’s past, Mark Steines of ET told Today that Anna Nicole attempted suicide in the Bahamas after her son Daniel died. Howard K. Stern found her face down in a pool. He pulled her out and administered CPR saving her life.

Now, Larry Birkhead is being pushed aside as his request for a sample of Anna’s DNA was refused. Her body will be preserved until the February 20 hearing on the baby’s paternity.

Meanwhile out of left field comes Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband claiming he is the father. He cops to a ten year affair with the Playboy model. Prince Frederick von Anhalt told the AP,

“If you go back from September, she wasn’t with one of those guys, she was with me”

Smith wanted to be a princess like Zsa Zsa and urged Anhalt to make her one. According to Anhalt, the only solution was to adopt Smith (WTF? Am I reading this right?) but Zsa Zsa wouldn’t sign the papers.

This just in. Bigfoot has come out of hiding and insists he is the father. Asked why now? Bigfoot replied, “I gots ta get mine.”

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