Bahamas minister resigns after pictures

Bahamas Immigration Minister Shane Gibson resigned yesterday due to those pictures of him in the arms of the white devil. Gibson continues to deny any wrongdoing explaining his decision was for the well-being of his family.

“My entire family have suffered enough. For far too long they have had to listen to one lie after another. It can only get worse.”

I’d like to point out that at the time of Anna Nicole’s death, Gibson was taking care of Dannielynn. His best bet is to deny being the guy in the pictures. When someone insists they are the same person, he can get all defensive and say, “Why do you think that’s me? Is it because you think all black people look alike? Racist!” Next he’ll walk away in disgust, but after ten steps he’ll break into a hundred meter dash and then jump 20 feet into the air to do a 360 degree slam dunk whereupon he’ll speed down a hill in his bobsled.

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