Britney goes back to rehab again

TMZ has learned Britney Spears is back in rehab for a third time. The custody hearing called by Federline has thus been cancelled. Kevin Federline is genuinely concerned and sources say if she doesn’t complete rehab this third time, big mean daddy will be seeking full custody of the chittlin’. Yesterday, Spears showed up at K-Fed’s house to see the children, but she wasn’t let in.

Britney says third time’s a charm. Who’s with her on this? Guys? Where are you going? Seriously, it’s getting kind of hard to make fun of her. I mean, unless there’s a cure for retardation, I don’t think rehab is going to help. They may just want to keep a close eye on the two kids as I hear it’s hereditary. Despite what K-Fed says he did as a child, repeatedly smashing your head against the wall isn’t normal. Neither is trying to swallow your whole hand.

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