Britney Spears parties in her bikini

According to Page Six, despite puking in her car Saturday night, Britney Spears was back to partying Sunday night.

The tipsy tart was back in action Sunday night, donning a bikini and white busboy coat at One Little West 12th. “She didn’t like what she was wearing,” said our spy, “so she asked one of the dancers to trade clothes with her.” Spears changed out of her tight red dress and returned wearing the bikini under the coat – and proceeded to dance.

What a coincidence. This is exactly what I do. I don’t end up on Extra, but the police report in the newspaper is just as good right? I get my picture taken and everything. Pictures after the jump.





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16 years ago

I sad because JC Chasez said things that prove Britney is innocent of being a bad parent. But if she is tryi n to make Kevin jealous, let me tell you, guys don’t get jealous, but they do get even! Still I suppport Britney because if you’re gonna have two children you can’t be that bad.