Daniel is Dannielynn’s father?

Anna Nicole Howard Stern

One of the weirder conspiracy theories beginning to float around is Dannielynn’s true father was Anna Nicole Smith’s son, Daniel. The story goes Anna was distraught after a judge ordered her to take a paternity test and feared people would find out the truth. By the time she arrived at the Hard Rock, she was already pretty loopy.

As far as that goes, it’s pretty out there. Although, it wouldn’t be surprising if it were true. At this point the Vatican could declare Paris Hilton Jesus incarnate and it would be meh, what am I going to eat for lunch?

  • Paul

    Dammit, I thought I was the only person to come up with such weird ideas! I came up with this possibility as well shortly after Anna’s death. While it would boost my ego a bit to be one of the first people to figure it out, I’ve got to say it’d be quite disturbing as well, so hopefully I’m wrong.

  • victoria

    Baby’s real dad is Prince Arsehole. He is going to raise her with Zsa Zsa and make her wear Gucci diapers.

  • Karen.

    Well I agree – glad I’m not the only one whom has had that cross their mind. I actually noticed also just how much alike Larry Birkhead and Daniel look. I think Howard & the good? Dr.Khristine.Eroshevich. had/have alot of so called dirty laundry on Anna and perhaps Daneil.Wouldn’t surprise me if those two thought/think they had the medical & Legal know how to pull this off – likely lovers also. What a cash-in they think/thought they’d get. Also I saw that all the drugs in hotel room were prescribed to either Howard,Dr.Khristine.Eroshevich and a supposedly unknown name being – Alex Katz. Well I’ve recall in one of her diaries this being said/written : She pours scorn on another lover,known only as Al,fuming: “He makes me sick.” Could that be the Alex Katz that everyone claims to not know?? I’m Just a humble Aussie that wants justice to be served to those involved for at the very least little baby Dannielynn. I hope others can/will help also.

  • Aaron

    Here’s my theory. Anna Nicole and her son died with the same drugs in their system. I find that a little wierd. Could there be a possibility they abused the same drugs together? Not only that, if you pay attention to the way she behaved during her shows and in various video clips, it’s proven she is mentally unsound (I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt that when sober, she’s no different from you and me). If her son behaved similarly on the same drugs, then they may have had sex while drugged out of their minds. Daniel ends up dead and Anna’s distraught over this. Of course in the video shown around the world of her final moments, face painted, pregnant and drugged up, it proves that she may not have been in her right mind. But like I said, when sober she’s normal, and in those moments of clarity, she started thinking about the night she slept with her son and that if this baby were his,she must find a way to hide it. She was afraid this information may damage her life even worse and in turn to drown that thought out she turns to more drugs. So now with the drugs, the death of her son and the the fact that her newborn daughter looks so much like her son the thoughts started to become stronger than the drugs and she tries even harder to drown them out to the point that it kills her. And that’s my theory.

  • Aaron

    Might I also add the peculiar behavior of Howard K. Stern. He’s not allowing the authorities to take a DNA test on him. What’s the matter? Is he afraid that he isn’t the dad or is he trying to keep a promise for a good friend? You decide.

  • Karen.

    G’day Aron! Yes I agree with alot of what you have drawn conclusion too. The nurse TAZ has alot to answer/explain for also,I mean,she was supposedly Annas’ nurse.I may be thinking stupidly also but the mysterious Alex Katz prescriptions,could that be = Taz = just turn a few letters around and drop the K ? I don’t know her or her husband/Annas’ Bodygaurd real names or much about either of them,but I feel they know alot. Well a Happy Easter to you Aaron! & everyone else – especially you Little Dannielynn xoxox

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