Daniel Radcliffe’s ass

Daniel Radcliffe

Oh joy, man ass. Daniel Radcliffe shows his ass in a picture for Equus. Ladies, that tingling in your pants you feel isn’t from the crabs I gave you while you were passed out drunk at that one party. No, it’s from the mass amount of blood rushing like a tidal wave through your vagina. Guys, have fun explaining why you’re staring at Daniel Radcliffe’s bare ass to anyone who catches you looking at this.

  • jennifer

    heyyy ya…did u see dat ass???i just love it…it’s very sexy……..wwooooowwwwww buzzy nice job…..:-0) n hope u will also like it…… ;-0)

  • nicholas

    OMG! it’s SO HOT!!! i’m sO horny! haha!

  • Rebecka

    You write the funniest captions to these pics. Had a good laugh, which I needed. Thanks!

  • Tallah

    he has always been sexy and this pic just shows it off at little!♥

  • kayla

    omg im horny lookin at him i wanna fuck daniel so much and suk on his big cock

  • nene

    i want to see his dick so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a big big big big dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brad R.

    thats loose shit man

    i think its a funky ass not gonna lie

  • Daniel heart i

    fucking hell,
    he was like soooooooooo ugly when he was ‘harry potter’
    But oh god, he changed

  • victoria & daniel

    i always liked daniel radcliffe but he is sooo not hot here. the man has a big hole in his ass (not cool) he needs a six pack and some shaving cream- maybe then we can talk.

    • Mattmasi

      Your a skank stfu

  • stardust


  • he is so hot i can have sex wit him i want him 2 suck me till im dry

  • new_jersy19


  • matthew

    i wanna spank it

  • Ooh

    Yum! Can i fuck you? NOWW?

  • Tony m

    That is a horrible arse if i ever saw one.

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