Denise Richards hits the beach

The union of Ritchie Sambora and Denise Richards will baffle scientists for centuries. Obviously Ritchie has something I don’t have. I can’t quite figure out what it is. Hmm. Oh silly me. Skin cancer.

Bonus (after the jump): Partial labia from Denise. Aww, how cute.

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15 years ago

these pics look like she took her grandfather out of the home for a day at the beach
“look poppop! jellyfish!” **grabs his arm**…..geez

15 years ago

Hey folks ! Forget about Denise Richards and her fat Sambora. He broke up
because Jon Bon Jovi let him know how much he hates Denise. Looks like
Ritchie met an ex girlfriend and fall in love with her. She’s canadian. she lives in Montreal, Quebec and she used to work for Jon long time ago (in the 80’s). Ritch left that girl for Heather and now that he get divorce from her, he ran to his ex.
Understand somethig to all that ?

15 years ago

I know the french canadian girl. She was Jon’s look alike, a kind of little sister for him. She was always with him. Her name was Mary… something. And yes our dear Mister Bluesman (Ritchie) had a big crush on her. When Jon learned it, he get really mad. He turned red and kick the young girl out of the band. ! Nobody (but Ritchie !!!) heard about her. I wonder what is Jon’s idea on the subject!

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